A neopunk game on the verge of singularity


Monde has gone ultra. It's all fucked up. They say we're heading into singularity, that there will be atta floods of E filling our accounts, that the fucking drones and bots will do it all for us. Well, it for sure won't come to those norms that just follow the gray gooey flows towards the metro. It will come to the neopunkers, the hackers, the netheads and the taktikals that aren't afraid to get ahead of the System.


NX - the sequel to Neotech 2


NX is a Swedish table-top roleplaying game that was first published 1994 as Neotech, and it has been Sweden's response to the classical Cyberpunk from Talsorian Games. Neotech began as a pure cyberpunk game, a child of the 80's and 90's, very much like the genre as a whole. But now, 2013, we are already partly into the cyberpunk future. A lot of the technology, fears and attributes have either been fulfilled or replaced with something new. So for 7 years, a diverse team of freelancers have re-written Neotech from scratch to a game that captures what cyberpunk would be if it was first created today. We call it neopunk.


What people fear today is what people are used to in 2070. Sea levels have risen and the climate has collapsed, WW3 have torn many countries apart, corporations challenge nation states to stay above the ups-and-downs of the markets. Augmented reality is standard for almost all, internet is referred to as "the layers", drones and bots are everywhere. People use cybernetics and biotech to modify themselves to be prettier, stronger and live longer. But the world is on the verge to something. The famed singularity have seemingly not happened, even as big corps are ruled by superhuman AIs. But they say it's impossible to see the change when one is right in the middle, and the world is on the brink to singularity - but not necessarily the utopia envisioned. Around the world, a movement called "neopunk" is trying to embrace the new, transhuman future, saying that humanity is a "medieval" concept, but others are worried things are going too far.

Neopunkers differs from cyberpunkers. They embrace the new. They know that the only way to beat the System is to be part of it - and use it to one's advantage. Neopunkers are hyper-social and transhuman and come from all backgrounds. They think further than having a fully loaded auto-shotgun. They gather around the belief that the AIs could be the new gods. They obsess over obscure brands, dress either minimalistic or over-the-top.


NX is still being created, in form of both text, images, multimedia and interactive features. We draw immense amount of inspiration from the tsunami of cyberpunk and scifi-related material that is being produced. Movies like Minority Report, Elysium, Oblivion, Blade Runner, Robocop, Judge Dredd and Total Recall as well as games like Watch Dogs, Mirror's Edge, Remember Me, Syndicate, Deus Ex. We also collect a lot of images, and below is a snapshot of how we'd like to visualize the world we are trying to create:

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